Monday, April 4, 2011

It Begins!

As promised, today begins the "do the right thing" plan when it comes to eating and exercise. I have a few friends that have been willing to join me in my quest, so for today, I share with you something delicious and fairly healthy.

Roasted Cauliflower.

I have to tell you, its deliciousness is quite surprising...and the simplicity of the dish even better.

Very simply, I lightly coated a chopped up head of cauliflower in olive oil, tossed some crushed walnuts, threw it all on a cookie sheet with some salt and set the oven to 450. About 35 minutes later, took it out, piled it on a plate with a little lemon chevre and went to town.

There is no picture, 'cause I wolfed it down. Filling and DELISH. Highly recommend it.


  1. Yummers. Must try.
    I made quinoa with veggies. sauted onion, zucchini, carrot and garlic added 1 c. quinoa and 2 c. water. brought to a boil/simmer for 15 min. Added the scrapings from the pan where I heated the chicken and a bit of balsamic dressing.
    Froy and I demolished it.

  2. Quinoa and veggies is a welcome dinner.

    You DO have to try the roasted cauliflower. I would even guess that it could satisfy a chip or other fatty salted goods craving in a pinch.

  3. Ann and Scott made something like this last week and Jason sheepishly admitted that he liked it.... after refusing to eat cauliflower for three years!

    What's our workout goal? I need a goal. Going tonight, but it's been over a week. Sad...