Friday, February 27, 2009

Pom Pom and Peppers

I am really not being as regular about this as I like, but despite the aforementioned energy that I have experienced (and continue to have), by the end of the work day my priorities are food, some cleaning, and THEN relaxing. I'll have to start scheduling blogging in there somewhere (so sad).

In the past week, you have missed the baby's latest nickname - Pom Pom - which I will kinda miss. One of the many prego sites I was looking at said that the baby was the size of a pomegranate, but that seemed a bit cumbersome, so it quickly became Pom Pom. Which is kinda cool, because I start picturing this whenever I was referring to the baby.

But, as of Thursday, we have progressed to other produce...namely, a bell pepper. So this week, we will be referring to the kid as "Pepper". (wasn't that the name of the chic in Iron Man? poor kid, if it's a boy...we keep calling it girly names even when we are referring to produce)

I felt a brief flutter this week, which was all kinds of odd. Very light and quick, but definitely a different feeling. Right now it's interesting. As he/she grows and starts sticking his/her heel in my ribs, I am sure I will find it slightly less amusing.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report. The belly continues to grow. My sister continues to count down the days to finding out the sex so her shopping can begin. The usual.

...and because it has been a LONG while since I posted a picture of us - here we are. I have not yet taken "I'm prego" pictures, so unless you are part of my AZ crew, you'll just have to wait a bit longer. Isn't my mom cute? I hope I look that good after raising ONE kid, let alone five.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


You often hear people talk about women who begin "nesting" when they are prego. I always thought this was something that was supposed to hit when labor was near. But after the past several days, I think it has already begun.

Monday I had the day off work. In the past, a day off was good for the following: sleeping in, leisurely shopping, reading, relaxing, and maaaaaybe a load of laundry.

This day off consisted of:

Waking up at my usual work day hour
Getting out to shop for things to organize the closet
Organizing the closet
Doing several loads of laundry
Sweeping the house
Organizing the bedroom
Cooking dinner (not ordering in)

While I have experienced similar frenzied cleaning bouts before (usually for one day during my period I get an irresistible urge to clean) this one seems to be continuing.

Today, the weather was GORGEOUS outside. Sunny, moderate temperature - just perfect. So I decided that I should take a little of my lunch hour to redo the front beds. What now? Yes, pull plants with tenacious roots out of their homes, with the help of a shovel and spade.

If that weren't enough, when my work day was over, I used what daylight was left to trim the hedges. With old fashioned arm powered clippers.

And I have no desire to stop. I have plans for cleaning the beds and planting new stuff this weekend (I'll take photos). And there are still other closets to organize. And a crib to assemble.

I guess this must be that energetic second trimester they talked about in all those books.

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Week: 16 (17 tomorrow)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maybe It's Next to My Keys

I had a weird dream last night. It was the first of what I am sure will be many more baby related dreams.

I have always had a very active mind while asleep - I can rarely recall an evening where I don't dream (maybe that's why I wake so tired?). I find that the dreams are particularly active when I am stressed/overthinking something.

So last night, I dreamed about the baby. I dreamed that I asked my husband where the baby was, and he told me he left it in the car. I dreamed that it had a square head. I dreamed that I couldn't figure out how to feed it. I dreamed that I didn't have a car seat when it "showed up" so I stuck it in a box when I got in the car. I dreamed I that I kept forgetting where I left it (which resulted in deciding to carry it in my coat pocket).

Apparently, I dreamed that we are incredibly incompetent parents.

In waking life, I haven't really been overly worried about my ability to be a mom. I have a great example to follow, who happens to be more than willing to help me figure it out now that its my turn. And I fully accept that I am not going to magically know how to do everything.

But I also have a theory that when I sleep, my mind is like a database that reindexes during its downtime. It starts shuffling memories and unconscious thoughts to different files so the useful things are more readily accessible. When it does that, things I didn't even realize I was thinking about, or even worried about, come flying past in sometimes oddly presented images.

Given that, somewhere in my head, I must be stressing a little about the responsibilities of being a mom.

I guess I should thank my brain for pushing it somewhere towards the back.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I didn't update at all last week as I was traveling. Which isn't a terribly good excuse. It isn't like I don't have the laptop with me every second. But by the end of each day I was so COMPLETELY spent that I couldn't possibly drag the laptop out to type.

So, quick update - the kid is now apple sized, so since Thursday, that is what we refer to him/her as. (which makes my father feel all the more certain that it will be a girl, since "apple" isn't a very good name for a boy)

While in Massachusetts, it snowed, which got me thinking. My kid isn't going to know what snow is like. I am somewhat horrified at this realization. Some of my best childhood memories involve playing in the yard, building snow forts, or sliding down the hill in my neighbors yard and crashing into the woods, bouncing off the trees like a human pinball machine. (Ahhhh yes...memories that involve my own pummeling ending in boots and other articles of winter gear strewn about the trees are counted among "best" memories.)

I feel as though living in Florida has deprived my child of what should be a staple of growing up. My kid is going to be a *gasp* Floridian.

I see lots of winter vacations taken to intentionally encounter snow in our future.

Of course, being in Florida does have its benefits in Apple's upbringing. My parents live walking distance from our house, which means growing up with grandparents around. As much as I love my grandparents, I was never especially close to them, since I only saw them occasionally. My kid will get to experience being really close to grandparents and aunts and uncles.

I guess that is a decent trade off. :)