Saturday, April 30, 2011


No, not physcially. Can you imagine? After everything?

I have finally decided to make the jump to a new blog -

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'll Show You Curves

I have a bone to pick with the media.

(And no, I'm not about to get serious on you about politics, or the lack of important coverage crowded out by festivities taking place across the pond. I mean, really, who are you talking to?)

Lately, it seems that different magazines have taken the stand that there is a new "trend" in Holloywood and on the runway. A trend towards the "curvy, voluptuous" woman. Some have gone so far as to say, the "real" woman.


I'll be the first to concede that not every female on TV currently looks like an Ally McBeal character. (Go back and watch some episodes and then try to figure out how every teen watching that show didn't end up with an eating disorder) But frankly, its insulting to be told that actresses like America Ferrera and Kim Kardashian are a sign of times changing. Have you actually looked at these women?

Maybe in early days of Ms. Ferrara entering the world of acting, the "Real Women Have Curves" era, would I feel I could relate to her, but now? She can't possibly be more than a size 8 (and if she is, get me her stylist PRONTO).

Kim Kardashian? Having a bubble butt does NOT qualify as being every woman. Maybe if the rest of your figure was proportionate to the one feature everyone focuses on, I could relate.

Now, one of the few current actresses who might actually have a dress in her closet I could wear (minus 5 pounds maybe) is Christina Hendricks. Or so I am guessing. "They" say she is a size 12. Every last pound of that girl is gorgeous. But, let's be real. Do you think Hollywood would be so accepting if her bust didn't have it's own gravitational pull?

So, if you are keeping track, Hollywood is telling us that it's ok to be a "big girl" so long as a) you aren't REALLY a big girl b) just your butt is big or c) your boobs are large enough that everything else looks substantially smaller.

I'm not saying that Hollywood needs to suddenly start scouring the Lane Bryant's of the world finding their next star. I would just prefer they stop trying to sell us on the idea that these actresses are a representation of "real" women.

Unless you bring back the Lillian Russel era. Then, we'll talk.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not Invited

There is a lot of talk of this Royal wedding business. I, for one, can't seem to get excited about some people I don't know getting dressed up in clothes that probably cost more than my car, in an event that could easily pay my mortgage several times over.

Not a fan of the opulence.

But, after reading Girl Parker's post today about her willingness to lose sleep to witness the event via TV, I am beginning to understand the pull for some. Every little girl's princess fantasy.

Understanding where her interest stems makes my lack of interest even clearer.

I'm not saying there wasn't a Disney princess I wanted to be.

I was thrilled when the brunette, book-bearing Belle and her Beast showed up in the Disney repertoire. She was a girl I could relate to. But I far preferred her every day dress for roaming the town over that puffy yellow thing she waltzed around in. And I wondered what happened after her beast turned into a prince and she had to live the royal life? Something tells me she probably wasn't throwing lavish galas and hobnobbing with royalty from the next kingdom over.

And when it comes to princes...did you see the guy the Beast turned into? Man, did he look dull. I don't see him coming to my rescue when I'm about to be attacked by ravenous wolves in the forest.

I don't think that means that I lacked that sense of wonder as a child. My dreams involved singing like Patti Lupone or being the heroine of whatever book I was reading at the moment.

And my princes? Probably Muppets.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Time, For Real

I've begun working on my novel.

That looks so weird, sitting out there like that.

I feel kind of silly even saying it.

And yet, here I am. I've joined writer's groups. I'm reading books and sites about editing and outlining and all sorts of madness I've known about in a vague "I need to do that" sense, but not in detail.

I've put pen to paper and cranked out an opening sentence. Not necessarily the one I am in love with, but a starting point to get the story out.

I'm talking about doing NaNoWriMo in November. Making plans to attend a writing conference next year. I'm really, actually, maybe doing this for real.

Excuse me while I take a moment to breathe.

**edited to add a thank you, to Lori...without her kick in the pants, its likely I would not begin this scary journey to rejection. And possibly acceptance.

Do School's Kill Creativity?

I really love this and had to share. From both the student and teacher perspective, I couldn't agree with this more.

And, wow, this guy knows how to deliver.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Please Vote!

Hi blog readers!

Can you do me a BIG favor today? I entered a super condensed version of Jonas' birth story in a contest. The prize is $250, which regular readers know would be of great help to us here in the house of "only recently receiving income".

Then, if you are feeling REALLY helpful, email your friends, share the story on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can, and get others to vote. The front runner currently has 120 votes, but they have had their story up for weeks.

Much appreciated! Real blogging to come later...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lazy Haiku.

Inspired by Girl Parker's Haiku Fridays, I bring you my day thus far:

Laundry completed
but posterior still grows
I should exercise.

Coffee cup empty,
motivation still hiding
why so elusive?

Internet siren
draws me in with funny blogs
my own pages blank.

Need ejector chair
not comfy swivel seating
propelling me on...

Sitting continues
greater catalyst desired
brew another cup.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Jonas is not much of a sleeping fan, and would much rather be at the park, doing his ABCs, or any number of things, so this seemed apropos

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fear

I have always loved writing. As far back as I can remember, its what I did. Hobbies and "passions" would come and go, but writing was a constant.

In elementary school, my stories were selected for published compilations. In fifth grade, I won an award for a speech writing/delivery competition. (Looking back I wonder what the judges thought about the 11 year old me delivering a speech about whether man had the humility to learn from the horrific results of dropping an atomic bomb versus others "My Day at Disney with Dad" speeches. Also, I used the word "unprecedented". It is entirely possible that other kids hated me.)

In a slam book from that same year, for the "what do you want to be" question, I answered "a writer".

In middle school I always opted for the extra credit writing assignments when they were offered, even if I didn't need the credit.

And in my AP English Comp class, one that was hated by many due to the very particular grading system our teacher used, I found I enjoyed the challenge of the daily writing assignments, demanding that we be interesting as well as understand the use of alliteration, parataxis and asyndeton.

So why, in my thirty something years, am I not promoting my next novel, or proudly pointing out my latest book in the Barnes and Noble window?

I'm afraid.

I've been in love with writing for so long. It's been there for me through every up and down. When life is hard, my notebook and I find a quiet spot in a tree or a coffee shop and get lost in each other. We cry together, laugh together, we understand each other; all without judgement.

I'm afraid of the third party. I'm afraid to introduce someone new to this relationship. Someone who might tell me that we aren't right for each other. That I'm not good enough. That I should move on.

So, do I continue on as I have, just sharing the surface of my relationship with writing, in blogs and occasional freelance projects, but keep the rest to myself? Or do I take a chance and really put it all out there?

I think I know the answer. It's just a matter of actually allowing myself to act.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It Begins!

As promised, today begins the "do the right thing" plan when it comes to eating and exercise. I have a few friends that have been willing to join me in my quest, so for today, I share with you something delicious and fairly healthy.

Roasted Cauliflower.

I have to tell you, its deliciousness is quite surprising...and the simplicity of the dish even better.

Very simply, I lightly coated a chopped up head of cauliflower in olive oil, tossed some crushed walnuts, threw it all on a cookie sheet with some salt and set the oven to 450. About 35 minutes later, took it out, piled it on a plate with a little lemon chevre and went to town.

There is no picture, 'cause I wolfed it down. Filling and DELISH. Highly recommend it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Work It Out

This post is for the ladies...

It's that time again...a time when I decide that I should probably pay more attention to what I am eating, and attempt to do something more active than updating my Facebook status on a daily basis.

But I need encouragement.

Given my lack of quality local girl friends with whom I am happy to commiserate over my ever expanding posterior...or more accurately "midsterior" (?) I would like to recruit you to get fit with me.

Be the Gayle to my Oprah. The...hmmmph...there seems to be a lack of famous girl pairings. Probably because they all move to L.A., lose weight and become mean. Probably the hunger that does it to 'em.

To that end, we will lose only enough weight that we don't start hating each other. Or eating our own hair. 'Cause that would be bad.

Details on how this will work to come. But in the meantime, who's with me?

Geekin' It

I've lately been getting in touch with the geek within.

Being a mom, I've put a lot of interests and activities on hold. Having a youngster under the age of 2 is pretty consuming in itself, so hobbies and games tend to take a backseat.

Given the recent loss of my laptop, I had an opportunity to express my geekness in new hardware, so I jumped at the chance.

Behold. Quad core processor with liquid cooling system, 1 TB drive, and all sorts of goodness. Isn't he pretty?

While he currently is mostly in use for posting photos and video of the little man, there is the promise of game time and other geek worthy pursuits.

Listening to: Against All Odds by The Postal Service (peeps...I am seriously behind in my music, please send recommendations)