Monday, June 21, 2010


For any of you who haven't seen it yet, I put together a photoblog for my photography business

One of the features of the photo sessions I do (I think) is the retouching. I've found that while a lot of photographers out there will edit for color balance, effects, etc...many leave blemishes, extra chins, and other unflattering things in the photo. Or they charge extra to take them out.

For me, being horrible in front of the camera, it just seems like the thing to do, erasing the unwanted features from an otherwise great photo. I can't tell you how many times I wished that someone had told me before taking a photo that the way I was standing gave me an extra roll of side fat, or the way I tilted my head multiplied the number of chins I had. I wished even more than once the photo was taken, those items could be removed.

So, a before and after:

Gorgeous subjects, but she didn't like the "rolls" that her shirt created when she was hoisted onto her man's shoulders...the photo otherwise is too cute to discard, so...

...rolls be gone!

Already, very cute girl, but the skin isn't pristine (I mean, who's is a that age)...

..and, voila!

Even I have been subject to my own editing... you really think I was going to post a before of me? :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's New

I hate posting just to "update". It doesn't feel very blog-like.

But that is what I am doing.

First up, the Jonas update. He is ten months old now and walking all over the place. It started last month sometime and now he is a little expert. He is freakishly strong for someone so small. (As I type this, he is yelling at me and making my office chair, with me it, swing back and forth.) I don't recall ever seeing a baby with calves like his.

And I guess, walking and being ten months old means he's not so much a baby anymore. More like a toddler.


Non-Jonas update - I've put together some of my photo sessions at Yes, I am finally making a go of turning my hobby into income. With J and I still out of work, it seems to make sense to give it a try. And so far the response has been good! So, positive thoughts for me, ya'll.