Monday, June 14, 2010

What's New

I hate posting just to "update". It doesn't feel very blog-like.

But that is what I am doing.

First up, the Jonas update. He is ten months old now and walking all over the place. It started last month sometime and now he is a little expert. He is freakishly strong for someone so small. (As I type this, he is yelling at me and making my office chair, with me it, swing back and forth.) I don't recall ever seeing a baby with calves like his.

And I guess, walking and being ten months old means he's not so much a baby anymore. More like a toddler.


Non-Jonas update - I've put together some of my photo sessions at Yes, I am finally making a go of turning my hobby into income. With J and I still out of work, it seems to make sense to give it a try. And so far the response has been good! So, positive thoughts for me, ya'll.


  1. hey there amiga...
    not much time--just glanced at your update...and I have to ask,
    the origin of 'xiphias?'
    I'm intrigued...
    --sus amigos en Tucson...

  2. I was looking for a word that would be unique (there is another Amber West, who does photography, in this general area...) so I wouldn't be confused with anyone else. I like the way Xiphias looks - and it is Latin for Swordfish.

    Swordfish, short, are pretty awesome. :)

  3. See I wasn't the only one to ask! Your baby is a lil genius too if he's walking at 10 you are gonna be in even better shape now that you'll have to chase him everywhere! :)

  4. I cannot believe you have a ten month old toddler. That is just crazy!

    And good luck with the photography business. I think you're right that this is the time to make it work!