Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not Invited

There is a lot of talk of this Royal wedding business. I, for one, can't seem to get excited about some people I don't know getting dressed up in clothes that probably cost more than my car, in an event that could easily pay my mortgage several times over.

Not a fan of the opulence.

But, after reading Girl Parker's post today about her willingness to lose sleep to witness the event via TV, I am beginning to understand the pull for some. Every little girl's princess fantasy.

Understanding where her interest stems makes my lack of interest even clearer.

I'm not saying there wasn't a Disney princess I wanted to be.

I was thrilled when the brunette, book-bearing Belle and her Beast showed up in the Disney repertoire. She was a girl I could relate to. But I far preferred her every day dress for roaming the town over that puffy yellow thing she waltzed around in. And I wondered what happened after her beast turned into a prince and she had to live the royal life? Something tells me she probably wasn't throwing lavish galas and hobnobbing with royalty from the next kingdom over.

And when it comes to princes...did you see the guy the Beast turned into? Man, did he look dull. I don't see him coming to my rescue when I'm about to be attacked by ravenous wolves in the forest.

I don't think that means that I lacked that sense of wonder as a child. My dreams involved singing like Patti Lupone or being the heroine of whatever book I was reading at the moment.

And my princes? Probably Muppets.


  1. I'm with you. I posted a joke kind of along these lines on my blog a week or two ago, which I won't repeat here but you can read it here if you want. It's a little ways down in the comments.

    If the media didn't keep pushing this thing in our faces I would have long since forgotten all about it. I guess it if I gave it enough thought I might be anti-wedding, but I don't really care enough to put that much effort into it.

  2. I'm with you on the lack of excitement. I mentioned to Lori that I don't even know when the event is taking place. In a world where there's so much tragedy taking place, it seems frivolous and unnecessary to say the least. But in royalty, I guess it is what it is. At least we'll get to laught at some of the outrageous hats! :)

  3. @fillingspaces - I found the comment ;) I'm not anti-wedding per se (after all, I had one) but I am against the focus on the opulence of the affair, royal or not. I mean, why is the average American spending 5 figures on a party?

    @Bella - Oooo! The hats! And to be fair to Lori, she never wanted to be a princess. She is way too cool for that. She totally would have eaten the frog. :)