Thursday, January 8, 2009


I left you all hanging after the last post. Sorry. Things were busy - my adorable nephew was in town and I got distracted with that.

The appointment went well. J and my mom came along to (hopefully) hear the baby's heartbeat. I was actually a lot more nervous then I let on. All I could think was "what if they don't find it?". One of the drawbacks of the information age is all the bad stories you hear. Plenty of which involve women who didn't know anything was wrong until this visit. And then they find out the pregnancy isn't viable.

So I laid on the table, trying to breathe, listening to the sloshy sounds of my own blood flowing. I closed my eyes as the midwife poked around with the Doppler, trying to find something.

And then there it was. Much faster than the sleepy sounds from my own body, and much clearer. There really is a baby in there!

The relief in knowing he or she was there made me tear up and I could feel my lip quivering a little. I didn't look at my mom or anyone, but I felt J put his hand on my leg. When we left I found out that my mom was crying too, and being surrounded by emotional females, J had no choice but to tear up himself.

We left, and in celebration of finding that there indeed was a person growing inside me, we bought furntiture for the baby room. :)

In other news, I managed to get sick AGAIN this week. This time it was a sore throat that evolved into a nasty cough. I am feeling a lot better, although I don't sound like I am quite yet.

Also, I am shooting a wedding this weekend. (yes, that's right) A friend's brother is getting married and they were in need of a photographer. They were referred to me oddly enough, so we'll see how it goes!

Listening to: Can't Go Back Now by The Weepies
Weeks Along: 11
Size of the Baby: Fig-Sized. :)

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