Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Somewhat Awesomeness

As I write this, I am two days away from my 12th week.

And guess what?

I am not in a constant state of nausea. Just like the books/internet sites/random advice givers said. I celebrated yesterday evening by eating not one, but TWO cinnamon buns and spending a fortune on groceries.


I say I am not in a constant state of nausea, because I am still a bit sensitive. I do not want to eat or smell fish. I can't seem to stomach the smell of raw meat period (which will make this week's beef stew a challenge). And I am sure there are other food smells that send me into an immediate frenzy. If I steal your sandwich from your hands and throw it as far away as I can, I apologize now. I can't be held responsible for my actions at this point.

In other symptoms...I fall asleep watching TV almost every night now. We are not talking falling asleep during Conan. Not even while watching Colbert. Think a little closer to the Prime Time bracket. During exciting shows that I enjoy. I just suddenly am overcome by a wave of exhaustion that overtakes me with no warning.

It is also kinda awesome.

I mean, sure, I may not see the end of my favorite show, but that is what DVR is for, friends. I can't tell you the last time I could just fall asleep without trying. That is the sweetest sleep. The one where your eyes close and your whole body relaxes and you don't even know that you are falling asleep. The kind of sleep you fight when sitting behind your desk, but never seems to greet you when you get home. It's like floating. Without the water in your ears.

As far as size goes, I definitely feel like I am getting bigger, although the scale is still barely budging. There is definitely more belly there then there was before. Not that I want to be big...but I would like to get past the "I ate one too many cinnamon rolls" phase and move on to the "I look pregnant" phase.

On the rest of my life front, the many photo taking activities this weekend went well. The bride and groom for the wedding I shot could not have been sweeter, which made things slightly less stressful. I say less stressful because all I could think while I was taking photos was "what am I doing?" The drawback of caring about what you do is worrying that you aren't going to make the people you are doing it for happy. In the end, I am glad I did it.

Oh, and also, I was thoroughly exhausted and in all my jumping up and down, running to and fro, squatting in weird positions, I discovered a few muscles that I clearly never use.

Here is a shot from their wedding:

The engagement shoot (for the groom's sister, a good friend of mine) was much less stressful. Not that I didn't care just as much, just that you have much more control over that type of shoot.

This is one of my favorite shots...

The sad part of the weekend was the departure of my little nephew. My brother and his wife had been visiting for the week. She had to leave early for a talk in San Fran (I think?) so my brother and nephew stayed a little longer.

Seriously, I know I am totally partial, but how can you not love this cuteness?

And so I leave you with the cuteness that is Squeakles. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey there--So, this is your new blog, for your pregnant-life-and-beyond? ;-) and what about verstand-y? eh?
    take good care...
    --tus amigos en tucson

  2. Yeah...when I started this it was before I was telling people, so I didn't want to post prego talk on the other blog.

    So this is my new home for now.

    BTW - thanks to you and S for the card!!

  3. ok I may be totally partial since there was considerable prattle about my family on this blog but it was a good post! love you & thanks for being so incredibly awesome! YOU ROCK!