Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prego Shopping Extravaganza!!!

Monday, Monday, MONDAY!!!

I had the day off on Monday, so I thought I would take advantage of the full day to do whatever I like to accomplish one of two things:

1) Clean and organize my house
2) Shop for maternity/baby related items

Can you guess which I chose?

My mother and I set out to hit a few consignment shops to see what goodies we could find. Maternity clothes tend to seem overpriced, and considering that they often end up being gently used, why not find them second hand?

In our quest, we ended up at a thrift store we had never come across and wasn't on the planned list of places to check out. I wasn't too hopeful as we entered, as it looked large and lacking in organization. I should make it clear that while I enjoy little boutique like second hand stores, where everything has its place and its easy to find what you are looking for, I have never had the patience required to be a successful Thrift shopper. My mother and sister are blessed with the skills needed to paw through rack upon rack upon box of items to find that coveted awesome deal, but me? Not so much.

Fortunately, having my mother with me, I did manage to pull my limited shopping patience together and sort through two large boxes of shoes/boots. I wouldn't have bothered, but they were all Rieker, which are comfortable and expensive shoes. Sorting was required to find a matching pair that was not defective, and in your size. I came away with a great pair of flats that I will be VERY thankful I found as the pregnancy gets further along, and my mom got flats, boots, and really cute little heels.

Most of the other planned stops were sadly closed (don't know why I hadn't thought that through...if I have the day off, maybe someone else does!). One consignment shop actually had a few things (yay!) so I was pretty pleased with what I found for the day.

We planned to make one more stop at Macy's, since my mom had a $25 certificate to spend. We inevitably ended up in the baby section, where my mother spent her certificate (and then some) on non-gender specific baby clothes.

As we left, I noticed the Motherhood Maternity store had lots of sales signs, so I suggested we take a quick look. A large bag of clothes and a much lighter back account later, we finally finished our day of shopping.

So while I spent FAR more than I had planned, I got some great essentials (jeans, khakis, comfy SUMMERY dresses) for really good prices, so it was a good shopping day.

An exhausting one, but successful.

Listening to: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison


  1. I also recommend checking out Old Navy online. They are the only place other than Target and Motherhood Maternity (when stuff was on sale) where I found cheap (but wearable) maternity clothes!

  2. I was looking at them just the other day. Once I put enough distance between me and the last spending spree (or enough distance between J remembering it :) ) I'll have to check them out for real. I need more comfy shirts.