Friday, December 19, 2008

Nyquil, I Miss You

Since Tuesday I have had a horrible cold/flu thing.

I hate having a cold normally. I hate the the stuffy hurting head. I hate not being able to breathe.

But now I can add a hate to the list. I HATE not being able to have Nyquil.

Usually, I rely heavily on its sweet syrupy goodness to knock me out at night, or even help me sleep during the day. And since the invention of Dayquil, I usually spend the entire duration of a cold "under the influence".

This being the first time in a long time I have fought the cold completely au naturel, I am finding that, more than sushi, coffee and wine combined, I am sorely missing my Nyquil.

Today has been the first day of feeling quite a bit better, so at least it seems to be running its course and a good pace.

Also, I still want to eat hamburgers 24/7. I have decided that the next shopping excursion may involve purchasing ground beef and all the fixings for a proper at home burger - somehow that feels much healthier than Checkers, Wendy's and all those other places.

Currently Eating: Cottage Cheese w/Salt, Pepper, Lemon, and Srirachi Hot Sauce.

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