Monday, December 8, 2008


If I were a superhuman being, my current superpower would be a heightened sense of smell.

Last night J was cleaning out the fridge. There was a pot of leftover short ribs that weren't terribly old, but that we knew we weren't going to eat. He placed it on the stove so the fats and such would liquefy, making it easier to dispose of.

Normally, I love when the house fills with the smell of yummy meaty goodness. Last night, I never thought anything smelled so horrid. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and tried to find a room were the smell hadn't overtaken the air. I laid in my bed, blanket over my nose and mouth, trying to filter out the smell.

It was awful.

So far today, no terrible nose induced incidents. Grilled cheese and tomato bisque are apparently on the safe list.

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