Thursday, September 3, 2009


Something I seem to have very little of lately...

This first month (yes, it has already been one month since Jonas was born) has flown by in a series of diaper changes and breast feeding - and erratic sleeping times. The first few weeks Jonas seemed to have the perfect schedule, and while he is still a good baby, he has good days and bad.

At the moment, he is napping peacefully in his crib, giving me a few moments to wash diapers, clean toilets, and make sure I eat something.

But I am not complaining. For all the work, it is totally worth it when he falls asleep on my chest (or better yet, we both fall asleep with him on my chest) or he attempts to smile or coo.

My dad seems to ask every time he sees us if I am in love with my little boy. And while I am not the sappy type, yes, I really am.

Not to say I don't miss having a regular schedule. Or a clean house. But having him around makes everything else seem to matter less.

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