Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to Work

As if I needed an additional reason to neglect blogging, I returned to work Monday.

Fortunately , J is out of work, so while the lack of income is a bad thing, having him home to take care of Jonas keeps us from having to hire someone to come watch him. Since we aren't bottle feeding, I can't be away from him right now (his eating schedule is, well, not a schedule...he eats when he is hungry, which at times can be almost constantly). So this arrangement is working out best.

The awesome part is that Jonas seems to really be bonding with J. He is easily soothed by Jaycel and doesn't seem to currently prefer one of us over the other, unless he is hungry of course. This is an especially good thing, since it is difficult to work on spreadsheets and answer emails when holding/soothing a crying baby.

When your time is so precious, it is amazing how you appreciate the things you do get to do. For example, Jonas decided to nap at about 5 o clock. I was able to not only make dinner (I usually still cook dinner while J cares for Jonas) but actually eat it with J. So far, we usually have to eat in shifts, so tonight was a nice change. Since he was still asleep, I took the time to clean the kitchen, put a load of blankets and burpcloths in the wash, and sit down and blog. (He is still sleeping...)

I never thought I would be so happy to have the opportunity to do the dishes.

As much as I love when he naps peacefully on his own, sometimes I am tempted to pick him up and have him sleep in my arms. But I remind myself that I have plenty of time to cuddle with him when I turn in for the evening.

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  1. "I never thought I would be so happy to have the opportunity to do the dishes."

    Oh yes, I know this feeling well!

    I also know the feeling of always wanting to hold your sleeping child. I wonder if that ever goes away. I actually think Squeakles is finally at a point where we could lay him in the crib and leave him to fall asleep on his own (hah, it "only" took us 19 months to get to this point), but now I'm not sure if I am ready to let him go to sleep without our nightly cuddles!

  2. I LOVE having Jonas in the bed with us. So yeah, I can see me having a harder time transitioning him to the crib then he will. :)

  3. Oh Amber I dont think you ever get over it. I still see my 3 year old in bed asleep and I want to pick him up and cuddle. ha ha ah a. I think they just have those sweet little faces when they are asleep and you just have to love all over em! :)

  4. Pick him up. You can always clean later. They get big FAST. Let him sleep on your shoulder while you watch TV or type.