Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week 1

So I have successfully navigated the first week of motherhood. At least it seems to be a success, although I don't really feel like I should be taking any kind of credit for that fact, since he has been a ridiculously good baby.

I still have to wake up in the middle of night for feeding and changing, but he doesn't wake us with blood curdling screams. Usually he just let's out a little cry when he is ready. He only wakes 2-3 times a night and generally goes back to sleep after being fed and changed.

During the day, he is happy taking his naps in the crib or co-sleeper. On a "fussy" day, he likes to sleep in your arms, but again, no screaming fits about it.

He seldom cries when we change him now, and he actually seemed to enjoy his first bath.

I've joked already that if he stays this way I can't possibly have another kid - I've been too spoiled with this one.

Maybe this is a reward for enduring such a long labor :)


  1. That is awesome!!! Enjoy all this sweet baby time! You are right though my first was just like this and I thought oh yeah I can totally do two. What a difference! My second is totally different and constantly keeps me guessing "What do I do!?" hha h aha ha.
    Put some pictures of this handsome man up!

  2. This is wonderful to hear.

    I hope that this is an indication of Jonas' personality and temperament! Some babies really are easy from the very beginning, and from what your mom says, YOU were one of those babies. So perhaps this is one of the many best-of-Amber qualities you've passed on!

    Even if things do change (and I hope they don't!), the way he is now means that you are anticipating and meeting his needs with perfect coordination at this time in his life.

  3. Thanks! I am trying to prepare myself for the not-so-perfect stage...but I can't help but enjoy how he is right now. :)