Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Cardiologist,

I came in here today to have you run an EKG and order an echocardiogram. I did NOT come in to ask you your opinion of my home birth...particularly when your offering it has nothing to do with the condition I am seeing you for.

And yes, my heartbeat is slightly elevated. That often happens when people piss me off. So take a hint.


The Patient You'll Never See After I Get My Echo Results

PS - Please consider a bar of soap and a Tic Tac in your daily routine. Just returning the favor of unsolicited advice.


  1. Please tell me not all Florida doctors are out to piss of my friend?

  2. I love it ! I think you should send it just so he knows. right?

  3. Good for you for standing your ground. You are a strong woman!