Monday, June 1, 2009


So I haven't updated in a while. Welcome to one of many things that I will excuse with "I'm pregnant."

I only have 8 weeks left to use that excuse. May as well get the most out of it.

Everything has continued to go swimmingly with my pregnancy. As of today's OB visit, I have gained a total of 23 pounds (woo), am maintaining my low blood pressure, have good iron levels, good fasting sugars (I think I want to have a band with that name), and am measuring just fine. Jonas (yes, its official, he has a name) continues to rumble around plenty throughout the day, but refrains from jabbing me violently. Good boy.

The biggest change (aside from the size of my belly, my incessant need to pee, and becoming winded if I talk too much) is our recent decision to switch from a hospital birth to a home birth (ed. we are also considering a birthing center).

We had been discussing this possibility for the past few weeks, but we had decided that today's OB appointment would be the deciding factor.

Now, we are not exactly "granola" types here, but I do believe that in most cases, the birthing process should be a very natural thing. I think some of the pain and aggravation that can occur can be avoided if you are in a comfortable, less stressful environment.

While the birthing suites are lovely at the hospital we were going to be delivering at, there were certain things we found out today about practice policies that were dealbreakers for us.

1) The practice WILL break your water for you if it hasn't broken naturally at 7 cm. Not they will give you the option, they will just do it. They require it.

2) If you get to 41 weeks they will induce. Period. Not, the baby is fine, we can wait one more week. This decision was made by the head doctor (the same one from earlier horror stories) because of a traumatic experience where a close friend of his was fine at 41 weeks and lost the baby at 42. Aside from not being keen on being induced, I am realllly not a fan of a doctor that makes a medical decision for all of his patients based on emotional trauma from 23 years ago. His practice, his prerogative, but not something I want.

3) Clear fluids only during labor. This isn't that unusual of a practice, but if I feel like my blood sugar is low and could use a little energy, I don't see a problem with a bit of watermelon.

4) Antibiotics every 4 hours due to my Mitral Valve Prolapse. My MVP has not caused and complications during my pregnancy. The ADA, who used to have a similar antibiotic requirement during any dental procedure no longer requires it...and I have not found any reason that it should be medically necessary for me during labor. But again, I would not have a choice in the matter.

5) While the midwife was clearly not a fan of unecessary C-Sections, it wasn't so clear what her definition of "necessary" was. She also informed us that the hospital has an extremely high Pitocin rate (we don't want pitocin) and when I mentioned again that I don't want an epidural, she SAID it was fine, but her face seemed to say, "well, we'll see how you feel then." Granted, I realize that I have no idea what kind of pain I may be in for, but if I am going to make the choice to be in that pain, I really would rather have someone supporting me in my decision, rather than doubting me.

We've begun the process of seeking out a midwife who does home birth and have an interview set up with one this Thursday. While some time ago I had a little apprehension about birthing at home, I am feeling really good about the decision. Hopefully, I'll still feel that way after our interview.

And now, I await your "seriously? are you crazy?" comments.

Also - pictures of the shower are forthcoming. There was much loot and delicious cupcakes. :)

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