Friday, July 17, 2009


Sorry I have been so lax in my posting.

So, since last we chatted...

Returned to the cardiologist for the echo and results. Turns out, while I still have a murmur, I no longer have anything significant enough to be called Mitral Valve Prolapse. Apparently, my heart has healed itself. (I have read that some women with MVP have found pregnancy to be really beneficial to their condition - but had no idea it would work out this well).

The weekly prenatal visits have been fine - Jonas' heart rate is consistently in the 140s, my blood pressure remains nice and low, labs have come back fine (at this point you get tested for Strep B - if you have it, they put you on antibiotics in labor...none for me!)...all around everything is going well.

I am exhausted at the end of the day with all the Braxton Hicks I have been having. And I eat more than I have the whole pregnancy. (Yet I am not gaining any weight - so apparently its all going to the little one).

So that's it - a quick update.

Also - if you haven't seen them already, a link to my maternity photos:

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