Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kiss the sky!

While my child is dragging his stomach along the floor, pausing to kiss it as he goes (thank goodness I bought a new vacuum and clean my floor on a more regular basis), I will take the moment to tell you about my latest attempts to lose weight.

It's come up several times on this blog, and the frequency with which I talk about it fluctuates about as much as the weight itself. As usual, my desire to get back to losing weight is attached to the need to get dressed up for an event. In this case, one of my very bestest friends in the world is getting married. In 4 weeks time, I would like to be able to wear a dress that does not resemble a tent.

Four weeks is not a lot of time. And to complicate things further, I am on a tight budget, which can sometimes make healthy eating a tougher choice. While grocery shopping at Publix the other day, I noticed that their cans of Slim Fast were on super sale. I realized that the "shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner" plan is not the BEST in the world, but it is easy. And in this instance, cheap. So, for the next month, that is the plan. Snacks are limited to unbuttered popcorn, veggies, and fruit.

Time for exercise still seems to elude me despite my lack of employment (with Jaycel cramming for his Cisco exams, I am chasing after Jonas a good part of the day). With that in mind, instead of insisting that I find a way to make it to the gym, I am just trying to make sure I do something each day, whether it be the Wii Fit, or walk with Duds.

I've already lost a couple of pounds, so it seems like a decent short term solution. We shall see what the next month brings.

...and for those of you thinking that I am going to find myself in trouble, what with all these posts about cupcake making being diametrically opposed to my plans for a slimmer me, I've been giving most of those cupcakes to friends and family. So, nyah.

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