Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Singular sensation...

Sorry. Randomly breaking out into show tunes is not a terribly unusual event for me anymore. That's what over a year of lack of sleep does to you.

Jonas turned one today. I can hardly believe it! As he naps with daddy, I have a moment to be a proud mommy.

It has been an amazing year. Lots of work, but, as any parent worth their salt will tell you, totally worth it.

And, I am happy to report, that despite some of the naysaying I have managed to do some of the things I set out to, like:

- Breastfeeding. At age one, I am still his primary source of nourishment. He is a super healthy little boy because of it (I believe). No major sicknesses as of yet, barely even a cold!

- Cloth Diapering. I got a lot of "we'll see how long you last" looks when I said I was going to give this a try. And yet, as of today Jonas has worn two disposable diapers over the course of a year. That's right. Two. Diaper rashes? Zero.

- Signing. We actually just started this one about a week ago. Yesterday, as Jonas watched his favorite program Oswald end, he turned and looked and me and signed "more". Pretty cool.

This is not to say that everything has gone as expected. He started walking at nine months - so baby proofing areas and chasing him around and keeping him from climbing on things started earlier than expected. He still sleeps in bed with me. (Yeah, I gave in on that one...but he loves it there, and I love having him there). And as adorable and sweet as he is, he has a very strong will (the nice way of saying he is stubborn) so there are days where we have our work cut out for us.

But again, all totally worth it.

I mean, look at this face?

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  1. Go you w/ the breastfeeding & cloth diapers. I agree w/ the theory on less sickness b/c of breastfeeding. The cloth diapers idea must have been great for saving money, it costs a fortune to buy the disposables.

    Love that you're teaching him ASL.