Thursday, August 19, 2010


For those of you who haven't already heard...the hubs is now employed!

(And there was great rejoicing)

Last week, while we were driving two and fro running errands, he realized that he had missed a phone call and checked his voice mail. I watched in the rearview trying to determine who the call was from and whether it was good news. We were expecting to get a call sometime that week about a promising opportunity, so I had a feeling this was it.

And I had a feeling it was a no.

I'm not generally negative about most things. But for some reason, I wouldn't let myself think that we were going to be relieved from the stress of figuring out how we were going to survive much longer on no income.

So when J hung up and said, "I got it" it was all I could do to keep from crying.

I had done so well handling the fear and anxiety associated with living without a paycheck for so long, I think all of that emotion just said "finally!" and tried to make a break for it.

Once he got back in touch with them, the process was VERY fast. Offer letter emailed over, signed and he was asked to start Monday. No time to adjust - for any of us.

But we don't mind. 'Cause a paycheck is a good thing.

Jonas and I are slowly developing our own routine, playing together, reading, and napping (also, together :) ). I've been surprised that I have been keeping up with the cleaning and such, stealing five minutes here and there while he is playing independently. So all is going well.

Thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes over the past year.


  1. Yeah for the good news!!! many adjustments and readjustments...good to know you're hanging in there...--your happy amigos in AZ

  2. I just got the bacon reference at the end! slow I know. Very happy for you both! Send my love to the fam. Thanks for newer pics of Jonas. Soo cute.