Friday, October 9, 2009

Coho Salmon and Swiss Chard

Since when did this become a food blog?

It's not.

No. Really. I promise.

You see, the thing is, when you are working and taking care of a new baby, there isn't much time for adult interaction. Or leaving the house. Or much of anything really.

Which leaves little to write about. The one thing that I do still find the time to do (partly, because I can't have my family starve, and partly because its something I enjoy and falls during a time of day that Jonas usually naps) is make dinner.

It also gives me something to take pictures can be pretty.

And, I didn't want this to suddenly become an "all baby, all the time" place, so I had to either take a hiatus from the blog or find something to write about.

So here we are.

I am not a huge salmon fan, or at least not an Atlantic Salmon fan. But Coho was on sale this week, so I figured a little fish in our diet was a good thing.

And I love chard. It's so pretty.

So here it is, a very simple dinner.

Toss a couple of garnet yams in the oven in foil at 400 degrees. (So you have a filling carb on the plate) If you haven't had garnet yams before, they are delicious. They need NOTHING. No butter, no sugar, you can even skip the salt. Not to say you shouldn't add butter or salt (or sugar if you want them to be super sweet). Just do so in moderation.

Once you can tell these are starting to soften, throw a diced onion and a couple sliced cloves of garlic in a pan with a little olive oil (and a little butter if you don't care about calories). Once they are translucent, you can add your chopped up chard. If you like your veggies mushy (I like them to have a bite) you can add a little water and turn the heat down to a simmer. I just cook them a little past the point of the leaves wilting.

Season your salmon with salt and pepper (you can add other spices to your taste - tonight I used a little of Emeril's stuff). While your chard is cooking, in a separate pan, toss your salmon skin side down on it, medium to medium high heat. Two minutes on each side to give it color and then finish it off in the oven (which should only take a few more minutes - the Canadian rule is 10 minutes per inch of thickness total cooking time).

A simple dish, with simple ingredients. Simply delicious.

Listening to: Harry Connick Jr's Red Light Blue Light CD


  1. HEY THERE! Ahhh...salmon...the Pacific NW...Did you know that Sara CAUGHT a Coho Salmon herself(!) a couple of weeks ago when she was visiting her parents? We had it the other night--yep, she brought it back in her luggage--frozen solid, and it made the trip! anyway...yay for food, right? well-fed parents have healthy children, no? Take good care--sus amigos en Tucson

  2. Wow! I am very impressed. What I want to know is who cleaned the fish? When J worked on the Indian reservation in Washington, they sold fresh whole salmon and he brought one home for me to cook.

    I cleaned it myself - the kitchen sink looked like I murdered someone (and I the fish was prego, which made things look even worse).

    And yes, you of all people know how we feel about food. Can I say that I miss those crazy hot dogs we had when we visited? :)

    Give my love to Sara!