Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

One of the bad things about being slightly (ha, slightly) irregular in posting is how much can change between posts.

Like, remember the part where I told you our income woes were solved and the hubs had a jobby job? Yeah. Not so much anymore.

Turns out, the new job expected the world of him. They expected to be his world, which, when you have more important things in your life, you just can't do. Even if he lived in some other world where he was willing to make a job his number one priority in life, it would at least be a job that provided some benefit in exchange for such devotion.

This job had meager benefits at best, a horribly sad amount of vacation time, and pay that, while fine for a job, was not enough to justify never seeing his family.

He tried his best to stick it out and still take care of the more important things in life. So, after three weeks, they let him go. Amiably, in a "it's us, not you" kind of way.

But still, it smarts a little.

We are good though. Positive that when you put the important things in life first, life will ultimately be good.

Beans and rice never tasted so good.

Currently listening to: Jonas sing and dance to standards
Current mood: Oddly optimistic ?

(and for those of you who love pictures in the posts...

Jonas, assisting me in my last shoot, poses while I test the lighting

One of the shots of the twins from the shoot (see more at


  1. Hey there A. and J...(and little J...)
    HANG IN THERE! Good things come to those who wait, right? AND--oh, my--your photos of the twins--WOW! So beautiful and well-done!
    CuĂ­dense--your amigos in Tucson...

  2. Thanks J (&S)!

    We miss you guys terribly. We were just talking about how we miss our conversations and hanging out and EATING with you.

    If there is any way that a trip to Florida is a possibility in your future, we would love to have you. :)

    Love you both!

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