Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Delicious Step Back...

...or so I am hoping. At least the delicious part.

This is a brief post to rejoice in the fact that when I weighed myself this morning, I was 18 pounds down from where I started. I can almost say I have lost TWENTY pounds. Amazing.

I'm saying it now, since tomorrow we are having a family dinner here. I am making pernil (roast pork shoulder) with arroz de gandules (pigeon pea rice), as well as tostones y maduros (fried green and sweet plaintains). There will also be delicious Cuban bread, and a yet to be revealed dessert.

Given the work that will go into this, and the, what I hope to be, delicious results, I will be indulging.

So for the moment, while I do prep for tomorrow, I will rejoice in my weight loss progress, and prepare for a little gain to work off when Monday comes.

Listening to: Jaycel quietly watching TV as he holds a sleeping Jonas
Current Mood: Hopeful.


  1. Wow! Did I read right? you lost 5 lbs in one week? awesome!!! You totally deserve a delicious cuban meal to splurge. Mmmm...I miss Florida for its cuban food and oh family :) ha ha

  2. Felicidades!!! yeah--ONCE in a while, forget about "los puntos," especially when making a feast for la familia...(what's the desert?) All is allowed, in moderation. Life without tostones--what kind of life would that be, anyway, eh? pensando en ustedes--tus amigos de Tucson

  3. Laura, my sis-in-law, made the most amazing Tres Leches. I will dream about that dessert for days to come.

    The pork, by the way, turned out very yummy! The meal was a success.

    And thanks, Dee. I've been working hard at it, so its nice to see progress. I am not looking forward to hitting the inevitable plateau that should be coming soon.