Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shake Yo' Money Maker

With a 5 month old, I've been making it my goal to find a way to earn a living (or at least hold off on completely depleting our savings) that allows me to have a flexible schedule and prevents us from shelling out money we don't have on childcare.

Having complete faith that the hubs will find work before the funds run dry, I am focusing on things I can do to supplement his imagined salary.

In line with this thinking, I've begun to compile things I enjoy doing and things I do well (or at least well enough to get paid).

Clean: Alright, former roomies and family members. Get the jokes out now. I'm fully aware of the messes you had to live with care of me. Despite that fact, I am actually good at cleaning when I want to be. You can't be my mother's daughter and not have that skill. And people will pay you to clean for them. So hey, why not me?

I have no qualms about being someone's maid. At one time I cleaned an office every week for extra cash. Cleaning when someone is paying you is actually fun in a way. Instant gratification. You clean something dirty and the results are there immediately. Time invested pays off right then and there.

Write: I love writing. Obviously. So, while I will continue to do this blog for the fun of it, I have already begun to explore writing options that will get me paid. The first in a series of children's books is in the works, I'm freelancing for a foodie magazine in the spring, and exploring other opportunities.

Photography: I'm no professional. But I'll be honest, I've seen people who advertise their skills in this department who are no better. And they are getting paid. So, I'll be putting a little portfolio of work together - wedding, engagement, editorial, baby - and working on taking more photos to add to it. (Volunteers for some photo shoots? :) )

Some Mexico shots that I'm considering for the portfolio:

Teach: Or more specifically, tutor. I enjoyed teaching when I worked as the Tech Ed teacher at a private school. I also enjoyed it when I was teaching adults as a Software Specialist. So, the most flexible teaching option, with the greatest potential for regular income would be tutoring.

Time to brush up on that Calculus. (Kidding. It's unlikely I remember anything of use to any student on that subject. I would probably set the poor kid backwards. I do remember some Latin, though...)

This is not to say that I have no plans on returning to the world of spreadsheets and PowerPoint. I'd do those just as willingly so long as I can do them from my home. But I've learned its good to have lots of options.

Currently Listening to: Jonas crying because I won't let him have my laptop. (I'm such a mean mommy)


  1. Hey! have you ever looked at the website ?
    It is great and you could sell your pictures on there! They are beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Kellie! I have seen etsy but never thought of trying that. I'll have to take another look :)

  3. re portfolio:
    1: yes
    2: no- good photo, but the sign makes it a no
    3: maybe- good, but not as good as 1
    4: yes
    5: definitely
    6: yes

    I am an old friend and current "lurker" and have seen your photos here before. You are very talented.

  4. Thank you for the feedback, mystery old friend! Especially the bit about the sign...I hadn't thought about that.

    And thanks for the compliment - its so nice to hear.

  5. Hey, yep, this is the 'new normal' for so many people, eh?--this pondering how to make a living with the uncertain economy...talent and 'trust'!! hang in there--your friends in Tucson...(love the photos...and I agree with the 'lurker'--hmm, who could that be?)

  6. Thanks, "friends in Tucson". I am all about trusting that things will work out :) Miss you guys tons.

  7. Can't you do some computer wizardry on the sign??

  8. Haha. Yes, I am sure that is something I could figure out if I owned the right software. Alas, being broke means not having it.

  9. Love the ideas for employment.Your pix are fab as my husband & I can attest for my bro's wedding & my engagement pics. Count on me if someone wants references. I'm confident that you guys will find a solution. I'm glad that you have more of this time w/ Jonas now. They grow so fast. D

  10. Anonymous "The Lurker" that is. :)
    Computer wizardry would change your title from 'photographer' to 'graphic artist'-- for the purists out there anyway..